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Build Season Logs

January 9, 2012

Today, our Treasurer, Miles Chan, brought the team's 2006 robot turret with him to school. Thanks to some extra care throughout the years, the motors were still wired and operational. We hooked it onto a power supply to test and see how accurate the shooter is at hitting its target. Later at night, the team gathered in room 608 for the first design meeting. First, one of our mentors, Mr. Wes Harrison, gave a presentation about approaching the task from a systems standpoint. He split up the design ...Read More

January 8, 2012

Today, we did not have any team meetings. We decided to take some time off to catch up on homework and get some sleep. A we all know, sleep will be something extremely hard thing to come across in these next six weeks. Many of us also took this time to thoroughly study the game rules, in order to get a clearer understanding about this new game. Read More

January 7, 2012

The build season of 2012 has finally started! Early in the morning today, one group of students went along with mentor David Giandemenico to San Jose State University to participate in the local Kickoff and receive our Kit of Parts. Back at LRT's presidents house, students gathered together to watch the live webcast. The webcast started with the usual speeches about FIRST and inspiration for technology from many famous people in America, including Stephen Colbert, Bill Gates, and former Presidents ...Read More

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