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January 10, 2012

It's finally arrived! Today, we moved our shiny new Tormach PCNC into room 612. The process, which all in all took around 5 hours, started with us going to Lynbrook's boiler room to pick up the package. We moved the 1,300 pound beast in front of room 612, where we uncrated the machine. However, before moving the CNC through the door, we needed to figure out exactly how to orient it so that it would fit. We didn't want to end up moving it up the door, only to realize that there is no way to make it fit. We modeled the shape of the CNC with a large piece of cardboard, and used that to experiment with the opening. In the end, we took off some of the motors and were able to find the right orientation so that the machine would just fit through.

Some of us were only able to go home for an hour for food, before we had our weekly Active Member's Meeting. As usual, we went over the administrative tasks that needed to be taken care of. The highlights included talking about awards writing and planning of our upcoming New York City regional. For the complete meeting minutes, please refer here.

In the end, today was just a regular work day. There was not much talk about the robot design. We will leave that for another day.