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January 11, 2012

Today, we did more work in Room 612. We tested a previous shooter, mounted the CNC, assembled the barrier, fixed up the 2010 robot to run tests on the barrier, and mounted the de-burring wheel. We also had our second design meeting later at night.

Shooter: One team took the 2009 robot to test its shooter's accuracy and power. We also laid it on its back for a vertical test. The ball ended up flying just 38 inches in the air. The distance from the max robot height to the highest rim just happens to be 38 inches as well. If we decide on going for that top hoop, we will need to add some extra power. (Workers: Miles, Michael L, Pradeep, Annie, Eric)

CNC: A second group continued to work on the CNC. Yesterday, we managed to get the machine into the room. Today, we mounted it onto its base. Of course, we used a small crane. Just imagine having a group of students and mentors trying to to lift a 1300 pound device that costs thousands of dollars... (Workers: Michael L, Anurag, Mr. Peake, Mr. G, Mr. Haas, Mrs. Haas, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Lowd)

Barrier: With help from Mr. and Mrs. Haas, some of our students completed the task of making the barrier. Brian, one of our software guys, took our 2010 robot (yes, we reuse our past robots quite a bit) and fixed up the code so we would be able to run tests later. (Workers: Miles, Annie, Pradeep, Mr. Haas, Mrs. Haas, Brian)

De-burring Wheel: Akshat took our de-burring wheel and mounted it on a new black stand. Now, whenever we go to de-burr something, we will be able to admire the shiny new stand.

At night, we had our second Design Meeting. There wasn't much time between 612 work and the meeting, so some people did not even have the opportunity to go home. Others ran home, grabbed dinner, and headed right back. (I watched Miles as he ate his hamburger. It looked pretty good.) The meeting started off with Ms. Zhang giving a presentation about project management. This focused on how to stay on schedule and finish with a working robot.

Mr. Xie then continued his presentation from Monday. We went over some ideas and design concepts. Originally, we were going to split up into different groups, but we ran out of time. Hopefully, we will be able to do so on Friday!