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January 13, 2012

Update on CNC: We are almost finished. We have finished assembling all of the major parts of the machine. All we need are the power supply, the computer, and two pieces of tape.

In today's design meeting, we split up into three groups: trajectory, drive train, and aiming and positioning. The trajectory group calculated formulas to test the optimal angles and velocities to shoot the balls at. We wanted to design a single shot that would work for two different scenarios: when our robot is against the fender, and when a defending robot is between ourselves and the fender. When we are up close, this shot would bank off of the backboard and score. When we are separated by a robot, then we would be able to make a swish.

The drive train group finished with three different designs in mind. However, we simplified the results and decided that using idlers to cross the barrier would be the best way to go. The idlers would hit the barrier first, causing the robot to tilt up. This would make it easier for the wheels to go over the barrier, since there would be lower contact point between the wheel and the barrier.

The positioning group had the idea of using the forward and back controls to aim. This would lead to better resolution than turning in place. However, this would mean that the shooter would need to be positioned facing the side.