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Come See Us at SVR!

by Megan Lau

April 2nd -- 4th, 2015 (Thursday to Sunday) Silicon Valley Regional Competition This is our second regional event and it is at the San Jose State University Event Center. It's our local event, so come watch our robot and other high-performance robots compete in this competition! Sign ups to attend will be sent out within the next week. Event Schedule: http://www.firstsv.org/?page_id=111 To stay updated with the team throughout this event, you can sign up to receive either texts or emails here: http://lynbrookrobotics.com/funkyfans/ Read More

Orlando Regional

by Megan Lau

From March 11th to 15th, a group of twenty-two students and mentors traveled to the CFE Arena in Orlando, Florida to compete at the regional. On the first day, the pit crew did an amazing job of disassembling, and re-making the entire robot with the new designs in just 10 hours. In the two days after that, we played ten qualification matches, and were chosen to be part of the 4th-seeded alliance with Team 2556 and 1251 during alliance selections. Our team played the two matches in the quarter finals, but our alliance score average was not enough to take us to the semi-finals. Despite that we encountered a few problems that made our robot stationary during matches, we are still proud that our pit crew was able to rebuild an entire robot in such a short time, our scouters provided the team with extremely accurate information on other teams, and our team's event manager, Nikita Seth, was one of the two finalists for the Dean's List award at this regional. (The Dean's List award celebrates ...Read More

It's Almost the End of Build Season!

by Megan Lau

Build season has come to a close. After six weeks of designing, coding, wiring, and machining, we have created Junky Monkey! We've had a grueling build and we've bagged our robot which is ready to be shipped to Orlando. Let's hope the next few weeks leading up to Orlando will be helpful to us! Read More

Pre-Kickoff Anxiety

by Megan Lau

Our team is anxiously awaiting for kickoff! We can't wait to use our awesome hex bumpers! Also, Happy New Years from the Funky Monkeys~! Read More

Chezy Champs 2014 Recap

by Owen Li

This past weekend, we attended the inaugural Chezy Champs, hosted by Bellarmine College Preperatory and Team 254, the Cheesy Poofs. We were awed by the competition; 30 blue banners at this event, and 34 teams. We knew we had our work cut out for us. We finished the qualifications round ranked an impressive and unforseen second seed. We had one of the most assist and auto scores in the field of teams, and an OPR to match. We went on to captain the second alliance, picking 971, Spartan Robotics, and 2135, Presentation Invasion.  We defeated the 7th alliance and the 6th alliance in some very dramatic matches to reach the finals of the 2014 Chezy Champs, where we faced the 2014 World Championship Semifinalists, 973, the 2014 World Championship Finalists, 1678, and the 2014 World Champions and hosts, 254. Against the formidable 1st alliance, we knew we had to play our best to even stand a chance of winning. A few missed trusses and a few missed auto balls later and we were out, losing ...Read More

Mark Leon: Lunar Micro Rovers (5/20/14)

by Anurag Makineni

This coming Tuesday (5/20/14) at 7:00PM Mark Leon, the Manager of the NASA Robotics Alliance Project at NASA Ames research center, will be coming to Lynbrook to give a talk on his project: Lunar Micro Rovers!  You may recognize Mark Leon as the MC at many of the FIRST events we've attended over the years! The talk should be very exciting! Learn more about the Lunar Micro Rover project here: http://robotics.nasa.gov/lmr/index.php The talk will be on 5/20/14 @ 7:00PM in Room 608. Since space is limited in the room, we're taking signups for the event here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fp1zJN5Z_zxQmHbuHOCWaOZSsHGiBF-A9lcppj10Fm0/viewform See ...Read More

World Championships 2014 Recap

by Miles Chan

Yesterday, our team finished our run in the Newton division at the World Championships ranked 7th out of 100 great teams. Every team (except 48) qualified by winning a regional, prestigious award, or being a finalist against a previous qualifier for the event. We won the Buckeye Regional in our first ever victory to qualify. We played with the best in FIRST, and ended the qualification rounds with the highest average points contribution (OPR) to a match and as 4th highest contributer to the winning margin for matches. Our autonomous, assist, and teleop scores were amongst the best in the division. We really played well, and it showed when we were the 3rd selection out of all 100 teams in Newton, the 1st pick for the 3rd alliance. We once again joined our alliance captains from Buckeye, Team 910 - The Foley Freeze, and rounded out our alliance with Team 330 - Beachbots. For our backup robot, we selected another Buckeye contender, Team 1507 - The Warlocks. Our alliance was very ...Read More

Silicon Valley Regional Recap

by Brandon Strong

Last weekend, Lynbrook Robotics participated in Silicon Valley's annual robotics competition at San Jose State University. It was a fun regional and we definitely were hyped, having won our first regional 2 weeks before. We started out with a good lead, winning our first four qualifier matches but then proceeded to stagger at our 4th and 5th. Our fourth match was match 47. We were playing with the powerhouses: allied with 971, against 254. In addition to those two amazing teams, we were also playing against a team all the way from Hawaii, team 368 (who had a swerve drive to remember). After a hard-fought match we came up victorious, which was a major moral booster for us. By the end of qualifiers we had a score of 8-3, leaving us in 9th seed. After being picked by the 4th seeded team, team 1323, we were up for eliminations. We won quarters with a flying lead, but stopped dead at semifinals. We lost to the 2 powerhouses mentioned above, 971 and 254. And with that disheartening turn of events, ...Read More

Cleveland Regional - Day 2

by Abhishek Johri

Today we played 8 qualification matches. We had a rough morning as we had a 1-2 (win-loss) record. In one of the matches we had a popped ball which gave a final score of 137-140 (so close!) Then after lunch the monkeys went and won the rest of their matches for the day. Generally the team was cycling the ball either from the human player or from an teammate. There was a good amount of defense being played on the robot but that didn't stop the team from scoring more points. There were no technical issues but we did have a small auto issue that was quickly resolved. Then at the end of the day, during the awards, the team received the Creativity. A FIRST for the team. Overall great day and tune in again to see the final day of the competition. Our first match is Qualification match number 74 which will be around 9:20am (Cleveland time) and 6:20am for everybody in San Jose. Best of luck to the team.   Read More

Cleveland Regional - Day 1

by Abhishek Johri

Today was the first day of the competition for the team in Cleveland. The team got 2 practice matches in, of which we won one and lost the other. Tomorrow the team's first match will be Qualification Match number 2. If you want to see the match schedule the list is here: http://www.thebluealliance.com/event/2014ohcl   under the results tab.  Note the time stated in the match is what time the match will occur in Cleveland. Since our first match is at 9:06 am inCleveland if any of you want to see it you'll need to be up at 6:06am.  Now that the regional has started the webcasts are also up for all of you to see. Here is the link to the webcast:http://www.thebluealliance.com/gameday#view_0=2014ohcl-1 ...Read More
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