STRONGHOLD is a medieval-themed game played by two Alliances and three robots each. The field is laid out in a symmetrical fashion on both sides. At the end of each side of the field is the Alliance's "castle". The castle has 5 slots where you can score, three on top and two on the bottom. Once 8 balls that have been scored into the castle, the castle is "weakened", and can be captured by having all three robots drive up to it for extra points. At the end of each match, robots can also climb the castle for additional points. In the middle of the field are the defenses. On each side of the field, there are 5 defenses that robots need to get past to get to the other Alliance's castle. You can cross over each defense for points, and once 4 out of the 5 defenses have been crossed two times each, you have breached the defenses and get additional points.