FIRST Overdrive


The 2008 FIRST game is known as FIRST Overdrive. As in recent years, there will be two alliances composed of three teams competing on a 27 by 54 foot arena divided down the middle of the long way to create a track. Overdrive features four large 40 inch diameter medicine ball types known as Trackballs. With two balls for each alliance, alliances have to rely more on strategy and teamwork in this game. Robots can push the balls around the arena, or hurdle them over the six and a half foot high set of bars known as the overpass. Similar to NASCAR in that is like a race with only left turns, the alliances compete to score the most points from a combination of robots and balls crossing over the finish line. More details about the game can be found at the following links.

Game Manual: Download (3.43 MB)

Our Robot:  Howler

Our solution to Overdrive used a lift and fork 3-stage elevator to hurdle trackballs. Learn more about Howler  here.