Logo Motion

Logo Motion

Logo Motion, played on a 27 x 54 ft field, challenges robots to create FIRST logos on walls. Opposing alliances of three robots try to score as many points as possible by placing inflatable pool tubes shaped as elements of the FIRST logo onto a scoring rack on their side of the field. Alliances earn more points by arranging the game pieces on the rack such that they form the FIRST logo, or by placing Ubertubes on the rack during the autonomous period. In the finale of the game, teams can earn big points with their deployable minibots, which must climb up a 10 ft pole as quickly as possible.

Game Manual: Download (6.73 MB)

Our Robot:  Hand of the Monkey

Our solution to Logo Motion involved using a grabber with dual grip rollers and a constant-force spring elevator. Learn more about Hand of the Monkey  here.