FIRST Team Manual


A team website is a very important tool to communicate with members and publicize the team.

Website Design

The design of a website is very important to ensure that visitors enjoy looking at each page.  Things to keep in mind are font size, line spacing, and color contrast.

HTML and CSS validation are also very important to ensure quality of the webpage.  The W3C Validator can be found here:


The back-end of a website determines how fast and stable a website is.  Lynbrook Robotics uses its own CMS built from scratch that we believe fits best for the purposes of our website.  As a result, each of our pages loads extremely fast and allows for great expansibility.


Perhaps the most important part of a website is what is written in it.  With well-written content, information is displayed clearly and professionally.  Lynbrook Robotics maintains our content through member involvement in writing articles and pages.


To ensure that the website recovers quickly from technical difficulties, we have created a website team that constantly takes problems about the website from other members and promptly fixes it.  A website team must understand the entire back-end of the website extremely well, as well as stay readily accessible by other members.

Website Awards

Every year FIRST recognizes well-maintained websites with two different awards.  The website excellence award is given to all teams with a website that meet a certain criteria.  The best website award is given during regionals to the team with the most well-maintained FIRST website.

The criteria for FIRST websites can be found here