FIRST Robotics - Website for the FIRST Robotics Competition

Chief Delphi Forums - Largest FIRST Robotics Forum.

The Blue Alliance - Archive of past match videos.

Western Region Robotics Forum - Website for WRRF.

Lynbrook High School - Website of Lynbrook High School in San Jose, CA.

Team Administration

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Meeting Minutes

Part Suppliers

Innovation First, Inc - Manufacturer of the FRC Robot Controller used in FIRST Robotics Competitions. Contains documentation and programming information for the FIRST robot controllers. Source location for the IFI Loader, Default base code, and Dashboard software.

MicroChip Technology, Inc. - Maker of the microcontroller chip used in the IFI (Innovation First) Robot Controller. Detailed programming information about the PIC18F8722 microcontroller. Supplier of the C-compiler (MPLab IDE & C18).

AndyMark, Inc. - Supplier of gearboxes and wheels.


OpenCV - A powerful library of computer vision functions for Linux, Windows, and Mac written in C++. It is extremely efficient and is very useful for robotics.

PTC Windchill - A professional project management application developed by PTC.  It supports many engineering applications.

Redmine - A flexible project management web application written using the Ruby on Rails framework. It mainly supports SVN.

Trac - A web application for project management and bug tracking. It provides a very useful timeline feature for teams.

FRC Robot Driver Station - The software used for controlling FRC robots.

FRC Robot Driver Station Tutorial - A tutorial about using the FRC Driver Station.

Interesting Links

Because Robots! - Website created by Lynbrook Robotics which shares exciting new robotics ideas

FRC Designs - Contains inspiring past robot designs from many teams

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