Robot Abilities

Drivetrain - 6 Wheel Center Dropped - 2 CIMs Total, Single Speed Gearbox - Z-Squared Arcade or Tank Steering; EEPROM Selectable from OI

Ringer Handling - 3 Stage Lift with Surgical Tubing counterbalance - Pneumatic powered claw to grab and score ringers

Autonomous - Tracks down a middle level spider foot and scores a keeper - Autonomous parameters set using EEPROM from Operator Interface - Only Robot at Silicon Valley Regional to place a ringer - One of two robots at Lone Star to place ringers with >50% success.

Capabilities - Two foldout 12" Ramps for endgame bonus points

Sensors & Electronics - Optical Encoders on wheels - 10x turn pot to sense lift posision - 2 Sharp optical Distance Sensors for placing ringer autonomously - 16 LED diagnostic display (Serial based comm)

Special Features The Spidermonkey was the only robot at both Silicon Valley and the Lone Star Regional that could do all of the following: - score autonomously - place ringers on all levels - pickup ringers from the ground - lift robots - drive up the ramps of alliance robots

How Spidermonkey Got Its Name

Spidermonkeys are monkeys with very long arms and legs, and the foldout ramps made it look like a spider with long legs.