Robot Abilities

Drivetrain –2-Speed Gearbox powered by 4 cim-motors. –4 Wheels: 2 Standard/2 Omni Wheels for smooth turns. –"Road Hog" Wide Aspect Design: 38" wide by 28" long (without bumpers). –DBS (Dither Brake Steering) for controlled turning.

Ball Handling – Lift & Fork –3 Stage Lift extends in 3 seconds. –Vacuum cup picks up trackball quickly and maintains a tight grip in traffic. –Vacuum powered by an RS-550 motor w/ a DirtDevil impeller delivers 9.5" H2O (0.35 psi) [1 atm = 14.7 psi = 760mm Hg = 33.9 feet H2O] –11 inch diameter vacuum cup pulls with up to 32 lbs! –Lift balanced with a Constant Force Neg'ator Spring Motor and powered with a single Fisher Price motor! –Pneumatic Free.

Capabilities –Hurdles by flipping trackball over the overpass from up to 4.5 feet away. –Can pick up ball on-the-fly and from a bounce. –Can grab the trackball off the overpass. –Can place trackball on overpass. –Crosses 5 quarters in Autonomous.

Sensors & Electronics –Optical Quadrature Encoders for distance control during Hybrid Period. –Gyro for measured turning control. –Automated Closed Loop Control for fork and lift motion (potentiometer sensors). –LCD Display for on-board diagnostics. –Operator Hats with integrated LEDs for visual game cues.

How Howler Got Its Name

A howler is a type of monkey that makes really loud noises, like this robot's vacuum.