Robot Abilities

Ball Intake and Belt System - Uses 1 CIM, 2 RS-545 motors & 1 FP Motor - ABS rollers with PVC guides - 3/16" dia urethane belts (3% stretch; 3 lb tension) - Air tubing kickers to keep balls moving

Shooter - Backspin shooter launches 2 balls at a time - Range: 0 - 2.5 feet - Roughtop tread on 3" ABS tubing. Powered with a CIM motor w/ 3:1 Banebots Gearbox. Closed Loop Speed control.

Frame - Angled rear corners allow 63 degree turns with trailer. - Wide "RoadHog" layout for >40% turning torque [34" vs 24"] - Shortened 13-5/8" wheelbase for 24% lower resistance turning - Wide mouth pickup - Low open top hopper for human loading, stores over 15 balls - 4 Handles for safe, easy liftin

Software/Sensors - Optical Wheel Encoders - Custom integrating current sensors on drive motors - Dual accelerometers on left and right to monitor slip conditions - Gyro for turning stability - LCD display for on-robot diagnostics with custom Arduino (I2C comm) - AirText display with custom Arduino controller (I2C comm) - Hall Effect sensor w/ neodymium magnet for shooter speed control

Other - Angled rear corners for sharper turns - Low open top hopper for human loading, stores over 15 balls

How Moonkey Got Its Name

Because the game was called Lunacy and the field simulated gravity on the moon, we cleverly named our robot "Moonkey" to sound like "monkey" but include "moon" in it.