Soccer ChimpBot Extreme

Soccer ChimpBot Extreme

Soccer ChimpBot Extreme

Robot Abilities

Drivetrain: 4-wheel Drivetrain is powered by 2 CIM motors and geared down using AndyMark Supershifter gearboxes (max practical speed ~10 ft/sec). It incorporates differential drive, with performance wheels in the front, omniwheels in the rear, and uses closed-loop control software for quick and controlled turning. Robot can drive over bumps and under tunnels.

Kicker: Kicker uses five torsion springs with option for six and can kick the ball 20 feet. It uses cam loading and triggering mechanism. Variable speed top roller uses an abrasive finish for friction to grip onto the ball.

Hanger: Robot uses a 4-stage lifting arm that can extend to the top of the tower to deliver hooks. It can rotate more than 90 degrees to flip the robot in case it falls on its side. Winch that elevates the robot is powered by 1 CIM motor to retract rope.

Control System: Closed-loop control.

Weight: 100 lb

Height: 36 inches

How Soccer Chimpbot Extreme Got Its Name

We just thought of a "cool" way to put soccer, monkeys, and robots together.