Hand of the Monkey

Hand of the Monkey

Robot Abilities

Drivetrain: 8-wheel Drivetrain is powered by 4 CIM motors and geared down through a two-speed transmission (high gear at 16 ft/sec, low gear at 6 ft/sec). Front and rear wheels are raised for greater turning performance. Control system incorporates closed-loop control software.

Grabber: Grabber with dual rollers grips game pieces firmly. Grabber can manipulate the pitch of the piece through differential turning of the rollers. The grabber can possess any of the three game pieces. Movable arm can bring the grabber down to pick up game pieces from the floor or the feeder slot.

Elevator: Three-stage elevator allows the grabbing device to place game pieces on any peg on the scoring rack. Constant-force spring keeps raising and lowering forces equal. Full extension takes under a second.

Minibot: Minibot climbs the pole in 2 seconds. Hostbot alignment mechanisms allow accurate minibot placement.

Control System: Software uses the CAN bus feature in the Jaguar electronic speed controllers.

Weight: 105 lb

Height: 60 inches

How Hand of the Monkey Got Its Name

The "Hand" is the game piece grabber that holds game pieces and releases them onto the racks. We named the robot after it because the Hand was so good.