Tail of the Monkey

Robot Abilities

Drivetrain: 6-wheel Drivetrain powered by 4 CIM motors and geared down through a two-speed transmission (high gear at 15 ft/sec, low gear at 6 ft/sec). Front and rear wheels raised for epic turning performance. System includes closed-loop control software. Capable of crossing the Barrier with the help of two idler wheels.

Ball Collector: Drop down ball collector controls balls across the entire front of the robot.
Conveyor accepts balls from the floor and inbounder station. Pneumatic actuators tension belts to control ball feeding into the shooter.

Shooter: Shooter runs at over 5,000 RPM. Custom grooved roller powered by one Banebots motor. Two position hood to control trajectory. Also serves as radiator for internal flux capacitor.

Bridge Pusher (Tail): Drop down wedge with curved steel. Drive onto bridge with tail dropped down.

Control System: Closed loop control. Automatic stopping at the key. Automatic aiming towards hoop. Autonomous or manual balancing on the bridge. Uses CAN bus feature in the Jaguar electronic speed controllers.

Weight: 117 lb

Height: 54 inches

How Tail of the Monkey Got Its Name

The "Tail" refers to the unique bridge pushing wedge that looks like a tail of a monkey when being used.