Robot Abilities

Drivetrain: 6-wheel drive (no center drop for stability when shooting). Uses "Funky Drive" wheel layout with 4 omni wheels to reduce turning resistance and 2 traction wheels for control. Features gearboxes that invert the CIMs over the wheels to save space for electronics. Designed for reliability, low maintenance, and easy fabrication: single speed of 16.3 feet/second and fixed C-C distance chain runs

Collector: Quick intake of the ball across the entire width of the robot. Mecanum wheels to funnel the ball to the center of the intake. Counterbalanced arms for quick, efficient deployment and to keep the collector in any desired position. Collector can assume an intermediate position to be clear of our shot without being at risk of damage or entanglement in other robots.

Shooter: Two large compression springs are attached to arms that cradle the ball. Shooter is reloaded and released by a multi-dimensional crank, driven by a custom worm gearbox to prevent backdrive. Two-position latch allows for long and short shots. Die springs dampen the catapult’s impact. Long "sweet spot" shot centered at 15 ft with a +- 4 ft tolerance makes for easy lineup for shooting into the high goal or over the truss to either human player. Short "sweet spot" shot centered at 4 ft with a +- 2 ft tolerance allows for layup shot into the high goal while bumped up against the low goal. Short shot is also easy to catch, can also be used to shoot over the truss to human player from close up

Autonomous: During the autonomous period, the Funk Cannon is capable of rapidly shooting two balls within 8 seconds, scoring 45 points by itself. The robot’s autonomous routine is written with an interpreted, pseudo-scripting language, allowing the drive team to quickly develop and test routines, adapting to any situation that may arise (such as goalie bots).

Maximum Height: 45.3 inches 

Width: 29.5 inches

Length: 25.75 inches 

Weight: 105 lbs

How Funk Cannon Got Its Name

This robot shoots hard, like a cannon. Since we're the Funky Monkeys, we needed to get some funk into the name as well. Funk Cannon it was.