Junky Monkey

Robot Abilites

Drivetrain: The drivetrain was designed and fabricated by the all-girls subteam composed of girls from all grade levels.  We decided to use a mecanum drivetrain that enables the robot to move smoothly in all directions.

Collector: Attached near the base of the robot is the collector that intakes totes and containers into the frame of the robot. The collector can retract into transport configuration and extend for intaking. The collector features grippy wheels to quickly grab game pieces that are misaligned and align them inside the robot for stacking.

Arms: In order to quickly grab the containers on the center step, our robot has two carbon fiber arms with hooks at the end. The arms, which have 160 degrees of freedom, swing down and the hooks fall into the holes at the top of the containers, and the robot drives to pull the containers off the step and over the landfill.

Elevator: The elevator on the robot is used to lift and stack totes and containers inside the robot. At the base, there is a dual-motor worm gearbox to effectively drive it. There is also a negator spring that provides approximately 30 pounds of counterbalancing force to quickly lift multiple game pieces. 

Carriage: In order to create stacks of totes and containers, our robot has a carriage that picks up totes. The carriage has four hooks that operate independently, allowing it to handle totes and containers of every orientation. The carriage also features an extension mechanism supported by drawer slides and powered by belts, allowing the stack to be extended out of the robot and deployed onto the various platforms or existing stacks.

Height: 77 inches

Width: 42 inches

Length: 27 inches

Weight: 119 LB