Robot Abilites

Drivetrain: The drive-train is both designed and fabricated by our all-girls subteam. It is designed to go over a variety of obstacles. The drivetrain features a curved profile to go over the rock wall and pneumatic wheels.

Collector:  Our collector is mounted at the front of our robot and uses mecanum wheels to funnel the balls in. Two sets of rollers are used to add extra range. The collector is not only used to collect balls, but can also be used to pass the Cheval de Frise by pushing down. To avoid damage to the collector gearbox, a CNC-machined, custom-made friction clutch is used on the geared side of the collector, allowing the collector arm to slip when under great load and saving our gears from damage.

Shooter: To score goals, our robot has a shooter that can actuate up and down for various shots. The shooter uses four 3.25-inch diameter flywheels to shoot the ball from the outer works. Custom PCBs, designed and made in-house, are used to measure the speeds of the flywheels when we shoot. When the robot is moving around, the ball is held securely by a holder mechanism, using aluminum plates and belts to keep the ball in place while not deforming it severely. A four-bar linkage allows the shooter to pivot upwards and go to the correct angle for making the shot in a single move, eliminating the need for a seperate motor and pivot point.

Width: 26 in.

Length: 47 in.

Height: 43 in.

Weight: 92 lbs.